We must know how to put the bike helmet CORRECTLY with the idea that it fits perfectly and in case of an accident with a spectacular fall, the cyclist will not leave on one side and the helmet on the other.


If a cyclist does not adjust his helmet well enough, he is practically not doing anything to protect his skull, because if he were to have an accident, it would be totally useless to have loaded with this admin, which after all is still a load in your journey.


On the other hand, the mere fact of wearing the helmet improperly or incorrectly, already produces in the athlete a sense of dissatisfaction, by not fitting perfectly with the shape of the head.


This disagreement will be transmitted directly to the person wearing it, and this of course distracts the cyclist’s attention. In case the cyclist is participating in a competition, a situation like this will infer the chances of achieving a victory.


For the explanations that we have given them about how useless it would be to carry a sports article in vain, we will explain below the instructions to prevent this from happening and how to properly use a helmet for bike enthusiasts.


Instructions to fit your helmet properly for cycling


We will review step by step each of the important details when adjusting your bike helmet:


  • The first step is to put it in the correct position, this is not a cap, with which people play a little to change the correct position by placing the visors back. In the case of protective helmets, these are adapted anatomically with the shape of a skull and should be in the head very well adjusted.


  • When talking about a perfect fit, this gadget should not be tilted to the sides, nor should be placed far forward or far behind, it should simply be in its proper place. Let’s take care that it is a shoe, there is only one correct way to fit it, no inclinations are allowed.


  • The restraint system should be adjusted to the height of the neck, and should not be too tight to exert pressure and to inconvenience the cyclist.


  • The buckles of the helmet must always be below the ear, because they will not disturb the user. The two buckles of the helmet must be balanced so as not to make more weight on one side than on the other and thus prevent the hull from tilting to the right side or to the left side.


If we take into account all the instructions that we have given, them, we will be doing the right thing. In this case we already know how to adjust a cyclist helmet very well, and to avoid that this is a perfectly useless article and does not fulfill its protective function at the time of an accident.


In the same way, we know that we must place it in the correct direction to prevent the helmet from tilting to the sides. In the case of being able to choose between several models, we must try to know which of the models fits better to our head.

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