Walking around and enjoying all of what European cities have to offer is a unique experience. But how about admiring them from the top? Valencia is blessed with wonderful panoramic city views we’re sure you’ve never seen before. So, if you are about to visit the city, keep on reading!

Therefore, thanks to the Valencian cyclist ring, moving from one location to the next is very comfortable and safe.

Panoramic views in Valencia and places you must visit

Valencia is known for its beaches, interesting monuments, delicious paellas and contemporary architecture. Among the amazing activities you can do in Valencia are visiting its spectacular terraces.

Serranos Towers

The “Torres de Serranos” represent, along with the Portal of Quart, one of the main testimonies of the medieval walls of Valencia which makes them icons of the city. You can climb to its top through the stairs and enjoy the panoramic city views towards the interior and exterior of the city. Both towers are located in “Carrer dels Serrans” 31st.

“El Miguelete”

Approximately 50 meters and 207 steps high, “El Miguelete” is located in the heart of Valencia. It’s considered one of the most symbolic buildings of Valencia. And from the top of it you can enjoy one of the best views of the city in the Historic Center. “El Miguelete” can be found just in the middle of “Plaça de la Reina”.

In this photo you can see the views from “El Miguelete”.

view from "El Miguelete"

Panoramic city view: “Veles e Vents”

If you have the best bicycle to travel around the city, you can easily travel from the center of the city to “Veles e Vents” in the bike path. The terrace of this building is located in the “Carrer del Moll de la Duana” in The Marina of Valencia. Here, you’ll find a unique and amazing panoramic view of the city; a very attractive landscape which you won’t want to miss during the sunset.

“Ateneo Mercantil” Building

The Mirador of the “Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia” is located in “Plaça de l’Ajuntament” 18th in the city of Valencia. This is one of the favorite places among young people. The terrace is surrounded by glass which allows you to enjoy the view of the square and the rooftops of the center of the city in a cosmopolitan and relaxed atmosphere. This is probably the most panoramic view in the city of Valencia.

To access the “Mirador”, the “Ateneo Mercantil” has two elevators that take you 50 meters high. From this lookout it is possible to have a 360 degree view of the city.

Vertical Restaurant

Located in the “Ático Hotel Ilunion”, in “Carrer de Luis García-Berlanga Martí” 19, the Vertical Restaurant is a haute cuisine restaurant which offers amazing food and incredible panoramic views of the sea and the City of Arts and Sciences. It’s an ideal place to celebrate a special occasion.

Hotel Barceló

Next to the City of Arts and Sciences you’ll find the “Hotel Barceló”, which offers one of the best panoramic city views. You’ll be able to see the “Jardines del Turia” from its terrace and enjoy them with a nice drink. The hotel is located in “Avenida de França” 11th, in Valencia city.

SH Valencia Palace Terrace

The ideal place to spend an afternoon with good company is the SH Valencia Palace Terrace, located on the sixth floor of the “SH Valencia Palace Hotel” in Alameda in the “Passeig de l’Albereda” 32nd. We recommend you calling the hotel before to make sure the terrace is open, since sometimes these types of terraces are closed in autumn and winter.

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