One of the most incredible ways to discover the city of Valencia is by renting tandem bicycles. It will be an unforgettable and fun experience. Two wheels, two riders, one bike … a tandem!

It doesn’t matter if you share the tandem bike with your mother, your son, or your best friend. Tandem bikes are the best way to practice teamwork. Plus, each rider can easily adjust the saddle height and handlebar independently.

The history of the tandem bikes is almost as old as the one of the traditional ones. They have been around us for a long time, although they have been much more discreet and silent than the rest.

Nowadays, tandem bikes are not especially popular in Spain despite the fact that during the Golden Age of mountain biking they did have a good representation in competitions. And it was even common to see tandem bikes in rally races. 隆Fortunately you can enjoy them in the city of Valencia!

Some Tandem Facts

  • When you ride a tandem, safety always comes first. This is why it is important for you to know that the rider located in the front seat will have full control over the breaks and the handlebars.
  • Renting a tandem bike will allow you to carry your belongings thanks to the elastic straps located on the back of the bike.
  • Take into account that a tandem bicycle is obviously larger than a common one. But thanks to the lightweight frame it is very manageable.
  • Feel completely safe while riding a tandem due to its bell, and front and rear light. Also, its two locks will keep you worry -free while parking it.

Tips When Renting a Tandem Bike in Valencia

Tandem bikes has several advantages. If one of the two riders is not such a good cyclist, there is always a seat for him or her on the back of the bike. Besides, to fully enjoy the experience you should keep in mind that the rider on the back needs to completely trust the pilot and follow his/her instructions.

So take notes of the tips and places you can visit, and enjoy your ride around the city:

  • Try to choose a partner with the same physical and technical cycling level.
  • The 鈥渃aptain鈥 or 鈥渓eader鈥 has to be the one who is in the best physical condition of both.
  • In case there is a huge difference in weight or size between both riders, the best is to place the heaviest person in front, and the lightest or smallest behind.
  • Finding the best cycling routes in Valencia is not always easy, especially if you don’t know the place. So why don鈥檛 you visit The City of Arts and Sciences, The Umbracle, The Hemisferic and The Agora? You can cycle in your rented tandem bike through the Palau de la Musica along the old riverbed of the Turia River.
  • In the old town of Valencia you can ride through the main monuments. And also make stops to discover its rich gastronomy.
  • Did you know Valencia has some amazing cycling tracks? The Verde Xurra path, the Verde de Ll铆ria path, the Turia River bed path, the Barranco de Carraixet, X谩tiva path, the Turia River park path and the one located in the Albufera. They are all perfect for riding tandem bikes!

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