Valencia has many great routes to be done by bicycle. One of the main routes of the city, is the one that goes from the city of Valencia to El Saler. Are you up for discovering the details of your next adventure? Keep on reading!

Bike Route from Valencia to El Saler

El Saler is the narrow tongue of land between La Albufera and the sea. It is a town located very close to the city of Valencia, next to the port and the new watercourse of the Turia.

Start the Valencia El Saler bike route at the roundabout next to the El Saler shopping center, where the Assut de l’Or bridge and the Agora of the City of Arts and Sciences are located. It will be easy for you to find the starting point, since it is where El Saler highway begins.

After the first kilometer of route you will have to pass through two walkways. The first one will lead you to the Parroquia de la Purísima Concepción, and the next one passes over the railway tracks and the port.

At kilometer 4.66 you will be arriving at the promenade of Pinedo. Cross the bridge over the Turia river and enjoy the landscape. You will have the sea on one side, and on the other one some typical houses, the classic Valencian orchard, a pine forest and some dunes, till you get to a factory.

At kilometer 9 you will be arriving at the road that connects Pinedo with El Saler, you will have to turn left there. Then, cross the road that goes to the sports center, and the avenue of El Saler too, and turn left again. Keep on riding and a few meters later you will see the “Ruta Histórica de El Saler” sign.

Continue riding, and when you find the sign of the “Itinerario Lúdico de la Playa”, turn right until the bike path ends, which will be at kilometer 11. Continue for another three kilometers, until you reach a sandy track. When it ends, you will see that the ground changes into the asphalt of a parking lot, so go straight down the avenue of the Gola del Pujol, a road that runs parallel to the sea. When the asphalted road comes to its end, it’ll be time for you to turn right, and continue for another 250 meters.

At km 14,58 you will have to turn left to cross the bridge over Gola del Pujol Nova and continue to El Saler Lake. Continue along the road, it’ll lead you to a pine forest, along the El Saler road, and through a wooden path until you reach the Viewpoint/Jetty of the Gola del Pujol Nova.

By kilometer 15 you will see an electrical substation, continue riding along the sandy path that starts next to it. This one later will become first an asphalted path and then a sandy one again. And when you get to the crossroads, go down the wooden path that crosses over the Mallada Llarga.

A kilometer later, you will find the “Itinerario Paisajístico” sign, then follow the arrows for 4 kilometers. When you arrive at the El Saler sports center, turn around and take the same route but back to the city of Valencia.

Route Data

  • Distance of the circular route by bike from Valencia to El Saler: 28.64 km.
  • Time that will take you to get to El Saler and come back: 2 hours without stopping.
  • Level: Low-level route

In order to have a safe route you have to remember of Cycling laws.

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