Valencia stands out as one of the best cities in Spain for sightseeing because it offers, with and without a bicycle, a wide range of fun and leisure to explore; from hiking trails, towns restaurants and bars to its excellent gastronomy, and spectacular beaches, such as the Patacona beach in Valencia. Are you planning your next trip and want to know how to get there? Keep on reading!

About Valencia and riding around the city

If your idea is to visit the beautiful beaches of Valencia, you are in the right place. Especially if you are keening to take a safe bike ride from Valencia to Patacona Beach, a place full of color and great ambiance. If you do not have a bicycle because you are visiting the city or staying for a while, the best option will be of course, to rent a bike.

Over time Valencia has become an ideal city for cycling thanks to the great amount of bike lanes all over the city, as well the nature related bike tours available. 

Make sure to be careful when riding a bike in Valencia because the lanes are narrow, and sometimes they are invaded by both, pedestrians and cars. To stay safe, the best is to follow the cycling laws and hand signals in Spain

Ride safely to Patacona Beach, Valencia

In order to ride safely,  the route will be made from south to north in order to pass through the Valencian Orchard. The whole journey begins from the City of Arts and Sciences and the first stop is Alboraya, a town located in Valencia Province.  

This tour lasts around 50 minutes by bike. On your way you will be able to observe the fields where tigernuts are grown. Here, you can enjoy the most typical drink of the Valencian Community, the horchata, which is made with their own tigernuts.

As the route turns towards the Mediterranean Sea, you will be arriving at Patacona Beach, Valencia. You will see that the beach is not so big, so we recommend you to take advantage of the ride and take a short tour through El Cabañal, the most typical seaside neighborhood of Valencia.  

So now that you have safely ridden your bike all the way to Patacona Beach, it’s time for you to take advantage of it. The beach stands out for having a fun but chill atmosphere, since it is far from the hustle and bustle of the leisure areas, restaurants, bars and pubs that are located on the most typical seafront. It is totally worth to enjoy the Patacona beach life.

Even though La Patacona Beach in Valencia is part of the municipality of Alboraya, it can be easily reached by bicycle because it is at the end of Malvarrosa Beach. The beach has many attractions, from the traditional landscape of the Valencian garden, to the aforementioned horchata, or even the beach itself, which has an access walkway, showers, changing rooms and toilets. 

Don’t hesitate to explore Valencia by bike and discover all the wonders it has to offer!

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