Valencia and its surroundings are perfect for mountain and road cycling. Let yourself get surprised by the contrast between its mountainous areas and its coastal plains. There are routes for all ages and levels, so it really doesn’t matter if you are a professional cyclist or you just want to have fun! Keep on reading and discover which are the 7 mountain bike routes in Valencia that you cannot miss.

The Green Path of Liria

During this route you’ll enjoy cycling through the region of Camp de Túria on a 6 km path which can be completed in around 45 minutes.

The route starts in the old train station and ends in El Molinet, where you’ll find a spot to relax. During this mountain bike route you’ll have the chance to visit the Turia Natural Park.


This 36 km mountain bike and circular route around Xativa has got a medium level of difficulty. You’ll need to ride for about 3 hours starting at the center of the city. You’ll continue descending through the stairs of the Castle of Xativa and passing through Novelté.

Then the path will take you back to Xátiva, and later on to the Hermitage of El Calvario Alto. After passing in front of some houses, you’ll have to pass through Alcoi and then Gonçalvo. At this point of the route, you’ll have passed the most difficult part of it.

After some time riding through asphalt, you’ll get to Senda Falaguera in Barranco del Cuadrado. Then, the route will take you to the “Cova Negra” path till you ride next to the Albaida river. Then, pass through “Senda del Agua” till Les Arcadetes and take the Camí de les Aigues to get back to the city.

Xurra Green Path

This route is a 16.8 Km one, which will take you around an hour and a half to complete. It’s a very easy route, ideal to ride with all your family. On this route you’ll have the chance to cross the Valencian orchard.

It’s a relaxing path, perfect for children. It goes from the South to the North, taking you from Valencia City to Puçol.

Around La Albufera

This 57 km circular path will take you around 5 hours to complete. It’s a low level path perfect to make with children.

This path goes around the Albufera Natural Park, which will allow you to enjoy beautiful landscapes of rice fields around the lagoon. You’ll find most of the path conditioned to bikes.

River Park of Turia

This is a low level difficulty 5 hour mountain bike route. It’s a 54 km circular path, ideal for families. The path goes through the riverbed of the Turia River, starting at the Cabecera Park, going through the Natural Park of the Turia River and ending in Villamarchante or Liria.

Turia Riverbed

In one hour and a half you’ll have completed the Turia River Route. A 13.7 km low level circular path, which is perfect to ride with children.

You’ll have the chance to go from the City of Arts and Sciences to the Cabecera Park riding through the riverbed. On your way don’t forget to check out the Bioparc, the bridges of the river, the Alameda Path, the Royal Palace and the Palau of the Music.

Carraixet Ravine

The Carraixet Ravine is a 53 km mountain bike path, which will take you around 4 hours and a half to complete. It’s a circular medium level path, that passes through all kinds of tracks. You’ll get the chance to see the Carraixet Ravine from Alboraya to Bétera. After you pass Bétera, you’ll need to cross a neighborhood and get to the Technological Park. Then, ride back to Valencia through La Cañada and Paterna, stopping by the Tower and the cave houses of the city


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