how to protect your bike from being stolen

Every 30 seconds, a bike gets stolen. Here’s some valuable advice on how not to take part of this statistic.

Bikes have caught the thieves attention because of the popularity they’ve gained in recent years, partly due to the many benefits of cycling. Many people today travel by bicycle, and in many cases, decide to own one as well.

However, we must emphasize that nowadays we also have the option of renting a bike, discarding the possibility of suffering a robbery. We offer renting services in Bikes and Roll in an easy way for as much time as you’d like; the best part is that you’ll only pay for its use without having to worry about whether it will be stolen or not.

Although the rental option is undoubtedly the best way to avoid problems, let’s see some tips on how to protect your bike from theft:

1.  Resistant locks

One of the best tools we can get is a sturdy lock. This is a basic anticipatory action to protect our bike from being stolen.

We must bear in mind that thieves will be prepared to deal with all kinds of locks and anti-theft systems.

In spite of this, it will make things difficult for anyone who tries to take our bike away from us, so it is a highly recommended security measure, along with a GPS anti-theft tracking system to locate it.

2.  Park it in visible places

It is important to always try to leave our bike in very visible places, this is one of the best advises on how to protect your bike from theft.

Although it is true that thieves do not fear daylight, and they steal bicycles practically anywhere, the more visible our bicycle is, in case we have to leave it in the street temporarily, the least probable it will be to get stolen.

3.  Watch what you do

Most people are not truly aware of how to protect a bike from being stolen until they take this precautionary measure.

It may seem strange, but on many occasions, bicycle thefts are the result of the surveillance given by the owners of the bicycles.

Following our day-to-day routines, thieves are able to predict how long the bicycle will be unattended, and therefore try to steal it when it is most vulnerable.

We have to watch what we do when we are on our bike. Be alert in case we notice that someone is watching us, and change routines or patterns to have possible thieves lose sight of us.

Even though varying routes is absolutely recommended, you should always stay on bike paths. After the Valencian cyclist ring was built, Valencia became one of the most bike friendly cities, so there isn’t an excuse not to be safe anymore.

Do you have any more tips on how to protect a bike from theft? Let us know in the comment section below!

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