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Do you need a bike in your life and still don’t know why? Do you want to know what are the benefits of cycling? Don’t worry! We’ll give you enough reasons to go outside and ride your bike today.

In recent years, there has been an increasing tendency to pull away from cars and ride a bike instead. Everything has a reason why, and here, it is more than evident.

Cars used to be the number one trend in hundreds of countries. However, they have always been such a main factor of pollution that many countries have increasingly banned certain activities related to the use of vehicles and launched proposals to ride a bike.

This mode of transportation has been proven to be affordable, ecological and healthy. And, if you wonder what are the benefits of cycling, these are some of the most important reasons.

What are the benefits of cycling?

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Ride a bike has many benefits over getting around by car, let’s mention what are the benefits most important of cycling:

It improves our health

As you know, biking is a great exercise that improves both our physical and emotional health. It benefits our health in the following ways:

  • It reduces stress.
  • It tones the muscles.
  • It strengthens the lower back.
  • It helps improve motor coordination.
  • It increases our immune system.
  • It reduces blood cholesterol
  • If you wonder what are the benefits of cycling, you has to know that to bike is an excellent way to fight obesity.

It contributes to a better environment

As we mentioned earlier, cars are very polluting for the environment, while bikes are a pollution-free means of transportation. In addition, it takes up less space than a car, so there is less risk of saturating a city.

When we asked “what are the benefits of cycling?”, we should know that the sustainability of the environment is one of that great benefits to rike a bike, and you will surely feel better about yourself.

What are the benefits of cycling? Save money

Let’s be honest, not everyone can afford to buy a car, above of all, young people. However, to rike a bike is undoubtedly the most affordable solution for most of us.

The cost of buying a bicycle to ride a bike is barely significant and represents a medium and long term financial saving. In short, these is how your bike will help you financially:

  • The initial investment is considerably less than that of a vehicle.
  • There are no extra expenses, such as fuel, tolls or insurance.
  • Spare parts are considerably cheaper than those of a car.
  • The maintenance of a bike is quite inexpensive, around 5 % of that of a car.

Sometimes you save time

Of course it depends, but you read that right. Although it may seem impossible, in certain cases we do arrive to our destination earlier with a bike than we do with a car. This is because we avoid traffic jams that are unavoidable when driving a car. That’s why going to work by bike can be a great option.

And clearly, biking is faster than walking, and at times, quicker than travelling with public transportation as well.

Of course, remember that when you ride a bike you are more vulnerable to other vehicles, so it is important that you know all the laws and hand signals in Spain.

A dosage of happiness

This is one of the best answers when we ask what are the benefits of cycling. A dosage of happiness is a consequence of the previous advantages, because saving time, money and on top of that, experimenting improvements on a physical and mental level, inevitably provokes an extra dose of happiness in us.

You can not miss biking on that special trip

one foot pedals a bicycle

Take a risk and experience a different journey with your bike! All those benefits we talked about can also be applied in that new city you’re visiting.

Rent your bike and get to know your new destination. Don’t worry about transportation expenses or time, as travelling with a bicycle will save you extra time and money.

In addition, you should know that depending on the city you visit, there will be many in which bikes dominate cars, to the point that it becomes strange if you do not travel with a bike. For example, the Valencian cycling ring means that the city of Valencia can be traveled from end to end without getting off the bike.

And you, what are you waiting for to join the “it is better with a bike” challenge? Do not wait any longer, start using the bicycle and then you will discover what are the benefits of cycling in the first person.

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