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The Turia Park Valencia, also known as “Jardines del Turia”, is a true pride for Valencians. 9 kilometers long are home to children’s attractions, music, sports, food, tourist events and much more. Its surroundings are ideal for running, relaxing or cycling.

Turia Park in Valencia: The Green Heart of Valencia

For nature lovers

The Turia Park in Valencia is built on the Turía riverbed, which was diverted to the south of the city in 1957 to avoid flooding in the city. For this reason, a strip of land surrounded by pine trees, fountains, sports courts, roses, ponds, aromatic plants, palm trees and orange trees that surround the historic center can be enjoyed by everyone, from Valencians to tourists. Anyone who loves nature and wants to discover a unique part of the city.

Turia Park Valencia: do you like architecture?

The route by bike of Turia Park is for all those who love nature and history, because it owns 18 bridges, a sign of centuries of history. You have to give yourself the task in the Turia Park of Valencia of crossing from the oldest bridge, which is The Bridge of the Trinity of the fifteenth century, to the most modern one, which is The Bridge of L’Assut d’Or. It is also worth climbing at street level to admire The Bridge of Flowers and the gargoyles of The Bridge of the Kingdom.

bridges in valencia

Do you practice any sport?

If you are a sports lover, you have a Bicycle Track, 5 km race circuit, and sports facilities such as the Turia athletics stadium, the Serranos soccer schools, the El Rumbo school, a Skateplaza for skateboarding, a Cricket ground (Cricket Club I), rugby stadium, Astros Phoenix baseball field, and much more.

Enjoy music

If music is your thing, you will find the exciting Orchestra of Valencia and the “Palau de la Música“, a building where you can appreciate an authentic palace of glass with a giant dome and fountains. If you like musical shows, do not forget to visit it because its annual program is varied and constant.

palau de la musica in valencia

A day in family

Finally, if you are thinking of going with your family, there is a very fun place in the Turia Park in Valencia to enjoy with the little ones, The Gulliver Park. It is a large slide park where children climb and slide down the legs, hide by the stockings glide eagerly in the hair and fingers of this gigantic figure of 70 meters.

parque gulliver valencia

A bike ride

A good way to enjoy nature and visit all the sculptures and bridges that characterize the Turia Park in Valencia, is to take a family bike ride. Even if you are a couple, it is a perfect option to rent a tandem and have a fun time.

In addition, for people who visit the city for the first time, it is an ideal way to see everything in a morning or an afternoon. Since, for a few months, the cycling ring of Valencia borders all the city and riding on it by bike is comfortable and safe.

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