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What plans can I make in Valencia? I’m sure you’ve asked this question to yourself more than once; in the end you always land up in a shopping centre or on the sofa at home doing nothing. And to prevent this from happening again, it is time for you to get to know healthy, outdoor alternatives, especially in a city with such a pleasant climate.

This city is full of green areas and natural parks. Even in the center of the city, you can find a natural oasis to bike around such as Turia Park in Valencia.

Nevertheless, going a little far away from the city center to enjoy nature is absolutely refreshing. One of the most beautiful nature-related attractions in Valencia is Albufera. A place that you may have always heard about but that, because of its remoteness or because you’ve been too busy, you haven’t been able to visit. Or if you’ve been there, it’s probably because you’ve been travelling around on a motorbike. But now It’s time for you to discover the capital of the Turia in a healthy way, while enjoying the surroundings.

Albufera, Valencia bike route is one of the best cycling tours to make in Valencia. Biking around the park allows you to get a different perspective of this city. Among the greatest attractions in Valencia, Albufera is a natural park with beautiful rice fields, a lagoon, a breathtaking sunset, and plenty of other surrounding places.

There are certain things to keep in mind in order to do the bike route from Valencia to Albufera. At Bikes&Roll we will tell you all the details so you can have the best cycling journey.

Discover Albufera, Valencia with your bike

To reach The Valencia Albufera park and enjoy the surrounding area, we recommend that you do the entire route with a bike.

This plan is one of the best ones to do on a rest-day because not only will you do sports and leave the sedentary lifestyle behind, but surely it will comfort you to see rice fields, the lagoon, and El Saler while biking.

The bicycle route through Albufera is an easy and simple route where everything is flat and most of the paths are adapted to bicycles. So you do not have to worry about a lack of training. However, it is necessary to always be aware of the cycling laws and hand signals in Spain, especially if you’re not used to cycling in the country.

the albufera of valencia, a lovely place

Start of the bicycle route of Valencia Albufera Park

The first thing you need to know is where to start the route from Valencia. Therefore, you will have to go to the El Saler motorway, locate the bicycle lane and then arrive in Pinedo.

Once in Pinedo you will be able to enjoy its sandy area and this will be the first stop on a long journey. So, once you’ve seen all its charm, follow the bike path and to get to El Saler.

Now you’ll be much closer!

Places of interest when cycling in Albufera

Once you have met Pinedo, be aware that there are other places to visit around Albufera natural park.

One of the must-see is El Saler, where you can not only visit the beach and picnic areas for a break, but also visit the historic port.

Secondly, after leaving this part of Valencia, return to the road to El Saler and once you are on the right you will see the Albufera lagoon. In the lagoon you will find the pier to take a walk and contemplate the fauna, such as birds.

Finally, continue biking the route through Albufera until you reach the hamlet of El Palmar. In this small village, you will be amused with a great gastronomic experience and taste typical Valencian dishes such as “all i pebre” or a paella.

When should I take the bike route through Albufera?

Actually, any day of the year is good to do the Albufera, Valencia bike route. In spite of this, one of the dates you will enjoy this place the most is before the rice harvest.

On the other hand, it is also important to bear in mind that this route is recommended on days with no wind.

The Albufera Valencia bike route is simple

Without a doubt, the bicycle route through Albufera is an easy and simple circular route. In fact, this path is perfect to also do it with children.

One thing to keep in mind is that the whole route is about 57 km long. If you are not used to long biking journeys, reduce the distance.

If you are going on a tour of Albufera, rent a bike

Even though discovering Albufera Valencia on a boat trip is a beautiful experience, renting a bike shouldn’t be missed since it will give you a broader and different perspective.
Clearly you will love exploring Albufera, Valencia through this bike route, in addition to all places around it. However, you may not have a suitable bicycle for this type of outing, or maybe you just don’t have one. But have you considered renting one?

Avoid headaches and forget about buying a bicycle that you will only use occasionally. To enjoy bike rides, renting a bike is a very good option because you will not spend so much money and you will also feel safer.

At Bikes&Roll we have the best bike rental service in Valencia. We, as users, plan your route as well as possible. We have the bikes that best suit your needs, both traditional and electric ones.

Are you still thinking about it? Come, rent your bike and enjoy Albufera like never before.

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